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Dr Simon Kay

My experience is in General Practice for 15 years, I qualified at  St Bartholomewís Hospital, London In 1981. I have been a rugby player from age eleven up to thirty-four years, when injury forced me to retire. I played up to a good level of rugby representing United Hospitals, Otley, Chester and Halifax  RUFC. I am currently medical officer for exmouth RFC, Devon u18 RFC and England South west division u18.

I hold the Diploma of Sports Medicine (1997) from Edinburgh, after finishing  the Bath University Distance Learning course in Sports Medicine. This qualification is now the UK standard for Sports Medicine. I am working towards my MSc in Sports medicine. I am a member of BASEM, and the British Olympic Associationís network of sports qualified doctors.

I understand the frustration and the problems injury can bring to a sports person, and the apparent, uncaring attitude they may be shown by the NHS.

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