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Dr Simon Kay

Sports Physician

Diploma of Sports Medicine

(Bath University and Combined Surgical Colleges of Scotland)

I am a Sports doctor, I talk sports-people's language, though  I prefer to call myself a Sports physician, and as such I have knowledge of physiotherapy, podiatry and orthodox sports medicine. I have the Diploma in Sports Medicine. This has become the standard for sports doctors as set out by the combined medical colleges.

I am also a GP. I believe my skills as a GP allow me to  communicate more efficiently than many other specialists, thus allowing me to  correctly diagnose more sports problems. As a  GP, I am better able to diagnose non-sports illnesses and diseases, which may present as sports injuries. It also gives me a large number of contacts, if  patients require specialised treatment. I refer to specialists who are interested in helping, not hindering, sports-people.

My goal is to get all sports people back to their sport as soon as possible!

My consultation fee is £50 per session, I usually treat and give advice that will resolve the patientís problem, within 1 or 2 sessions.
I have achieved  this with 95% of patients.

Contact me by e-mail by clicking below

or telephone the surgery for an appointment.

01395 222777 or

01395 222888

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